Resonate Church



People ask regularly, What is Resonate?  Is it a church, a movement, an organic faith community?  Its really all of those.  Resonate exists for everyone.  It is a non denominational group of people who are committed to simply following Jesus.  Resonate is a church that will appeal to those who are tired of the typical american consumer church.  If your looking for authenticity, relationships, truth meeting real life, then Resonate may be for you. Come check it out.  


ONE WORD: VALUES.....What do we value?

FOLLOWING JESUS: Church today seems too complicated, sometimes seemingly existing to busy up peoples lives.  Jesus said Go, not Come.  We believe in following Jesus in our homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces.  Were not going to create programs, but invest in people. This also means that we are kingdom focused vs. church focused.  Ministering to you doesn't require you to go to our church.   

WISE COMPASSION: At Resonate, we believe that the resources of the church should go into people.  Many churches have said that but when you look at their budgets, most of it goes into facilities and staff.  With a big world with big needs, we have come to believe that resources should truly go into people.  That's why we spend one weekend a month investing in the community through a few partnerships and relationships that we already have.  That is church for us that weekend.  People are looking for the church to be the church more than they are looking for us to huddle.   We want to invest as much of our resource as we can back into the people of this community, nation, and world.  Thats why we are committed to not building or owning property.  We want to walk alongside people without hurting them or reinforcing inferiority they already feel.  We desire to love people in a way that earns the right to speak to them about Jesus.  

DISCIPLE-MAKING LIFESTYLE: Just about everything you do can be considered disciple making if your doing it for the Lord.  Col. 3:23 tells us to do all we do for the Lord.  We Value making disciples in our homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces.  

SIMPLICITY: We dont want to build a church with a zillion programs.  We believe following Jesus is enough.  We want to stay simple and nimble.  Able to make decisions in a single bound.  There are not a lot of bells and whistles to Resonate.  If that's what your looking for, this may not be the place for you. 

SOUL FORMATION: Most churches really dont talk much about deep soul formation. They stay on the surface of felt needs.  Not a bad thing but we truly desire deep formation that addresses issues of what the ancients call our false self patterns that truly can be transformed by the Spirit of God.  



When you come to Resonate, you will find a place with not much bells and whistles.  We have figured out after long journeys with Jesus that He works just as good in places of plenty and places with not so much.  A typical Gathering lasts 2 hours.  DONT STOP READING HERE....Believe me if I had to talk for 2 hours to you, I would get bored myself.  You'll find that people actually talk to each other for the first 30 minutes of our Gatherings.  If your looking for relationship with purpose, Resonate is the place to be. If your looking to get lost in a crowd, not so much.  

You will find that our teaching style is very interactive.  We do this on purpose.  Most of the learning styles in history especially that of Jewish people have given us insight into the fact that the Bible is meant to be HAVERED OVER.  That's Jewish for learning in community.  We believe that wrestling and interacting with the scriptures will impact you in a greater way than just listening to a message.  You will find that we are intergenerational.  We VALUE kids input into our discussions.  They usually last 45 minutes, sometimes in larger group, sometimes in smaller groups.  We worship out of a sincere heart in a sincere way.  We celebrate communion and walk through some of the more profound seasons of the church like Lent and Advent together.  

A Gathering like this allows people to actually live out the one anothers of Scripture.  After pastoring for 20 years, I realize that most people walk into a church say hi, listen to a message, and go home until next week.  Were trying to truly live out the church when were together and when were apart.  Thats why we dont gather every week.  One time a month, we invest in the community somehow someway through relationship.