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Its an interesting word in our culture isn't it? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Church? I bet for most of us, certain things like a building, a place I go, a pastor giving a sermon, a worship team, etc...all come to the surface of our definition but is that how Jesus defined church? WHAT'S CHURCH? Tough question in a church culture that has redefined for us what it may be. WHATS OUR IDENTITY? Who are we as followers of Jesus? What is unique about our role in His kingdom on this earth? HOW DO WE RELATE TO EACH OTHER? What does it really look like to be the body of Christ to each other?

RESONATE is a different kind of church. Were imperfect. On a journey of transformation. Trying to figure out what living out the church of the first century looks like in the 21st century. Were passionate about Jesus, generosity, simplicity, transformation, and doing life. We don't have it all figured out. If your looking for the regular church service, this isn't where you will find it. We are discussion oriented, value the sacraments, intergenerational, and quirky in our worship. We believe that everyone is a minister and can make a difference in the kingdom. We are more about building the Kingdom than our own deal. Check us out if this sounds interesting. We realize people are on a journey and we are just a piece of that journey for various people.

We meet primarily at the old Bethany Baptist Building on Knoxville around 5 on Saturday Nights 3x a month. Sometimes we meet other places. Please make sure you send an email to this site if your interested in checking it out. We also are serving once a month so don't want you to show up and no one be there.